4: Protest, Precarisation, Possibility

This interdisciplinary seminar will take place on April 30 2014 from 10am to 5pm, at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Warwick.

Increasingly, private law appears in the the government of unruly political movement and resistance – through the privatisation of public space and the designation of protest as trespass; through the contractualisation of public services and the discipline of labour; through the generation of private spheres where government power is deployed in unanticipated ways.  How should we characterise the experience of government through private law? What vulnerabilities does  private law highlight in those it governs? To what extent does private law confer overlooked capacities on troublesome actors, which can generate new strategies of resistance?

Speakers will include: Lisa Adkins (Newcastle Australia), Stuart Hodkinson (Leeds), Kenneth Veitch (Sussex), Honor Brabazon (Oxford), Luke Bennett (Sheffield Hallam), Elena Loizidou (BBK), Tara Mulqueen (BBK), Antonia Layard (Bristol), Steven Hirschler (York), Brenna Bhandar (SOAS), Emily Grabham (Kent), John Grayson (SYMAGG), Michael Segalov (Occupy Sussex) and No Dash 4 Gas.

To register your interest in attending any of the seminars please use the registration form here. Alternatively email m.enright[at]kent.ac.uk.


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