PhD Associates.

Érika Fontánez-Torres is a Lecturer at the University of Puerto Rico, School of Law. She teaches Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, Property Law and Contracts at the University of Puerto Rico, School of Law. From 2007 to 2011 she was one of the mentors  and the coordinator of the ProBono Programme at the UPR Law School and has been a collaborator with the Legal Aid Clinic at the University of Puerto Rico, representing environmental and community groups in environmental justice and social rights litigation and activism. In August 2012, she was granted an academic leave for doing her PhD research at the University of Glasgow. She is currently in her first year of the PhD program.

Mathilde Groppo is a PhD student at King’s College London. Her doctoral thesis, supervised by Dr Sandy Steel and Dr Michael Schillig, explores the nature of the tort of defamation, focusing on UK, French and US legislation. She also looks into the need for a European private international law conflict rule in the Rome II Regulation, and the tension between constitutional and private international law. She holds a LLM from the Institute of Comparative Law at McGill University (Canada), a double maîtrise from Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and a joint LLB in English and French law from King’s College London. Mathilde’s research is funded by a scholarship from the AHRC.

Linda Roland Danil

Nikolas Vagdoutis.


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