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Audio from Seminar 3 is now Online

Audio recordings from our third seminar, held at the University of Kent on September 19 are now available online, courtesy of Backdoor Broadcasting.

Aina Khan – Agreements in Islamic Family Law – Perspectives from Practice

Christine Schwoebel – The Public and Private in Public International Law 

Emmanuel Voyiakis – Private Law in Public Places

Daniel Monk – Inheritance Law, Pleasures and Perils

Emmanuel Melissaris – Framework Responsibility for Remote Consequences

Mairead Enright – Beyond Strategic Agency – Towards a Political Conception of Religious Contracts

Recordings from Seminar 2 Are Online.

Audio recordings from our second seminar, held at the University of Warwick on March 22 are now available online, courtesy of Backdoor Broadcasting.

Andrew WilliamsPersonal Injury Claims in the context of Systemic Human Rights Violations: the case of Britain in Iraq


Catherine Gilfedder –  Private Law Litigation: Reprieve’s Practice


Nikki GoddenTort Law, Human Rights and Rape: Beyond the Enforcement of Criminal Justice


Carolina OlarteNew property regimes and the function of (corrective) constitutionalism


Tsachi Keren-Paz –  Private law in the service of human rights: the sex trafficking case study


We are unable to share recordings of Nick Shapiro and Maeve O’Rourke’s presentations for reasons of client/informant confidentiality, but we hope to post text versions of their presentations in due course.