Seminar 4 – Programme – Warwick, April 30

Venue: Institute for Advanced Studies Warwick.

9.30 – Coffee

10.00 Panel 1 – Chair – Emily Grabham

  • Mike Segalov – Occupy Sussex
  • Melanie Strickland  – No Dash 4 Gas
  • Elena Loizidou – Dreams, Feelings and Disobedience
  • Brenna Bhandar – Private Publics:  juridical conceptions of the public good

 Panel 2 – Chair – Matthew Thompson

  • Antonia Layard –  Protecting (Urban) Public Spaces: Playing by the rules or playing out?
  • Luke Bennett – Old Habits Die Hard
  • Honor Brabazon –  Juridification, Technocratisation, and Strategies of Dissent in the Neoliberal Political Sphere
  • Tara Mulqueen –  Neither Public Nor Private: An Historical Perspective on Co-operatives and Mutuals

Panel 3 – Chair –  Mairead Enright

  • Lisa Adkins –  Disobedient Workers, The Law and the Making of Unemployment Markets
  • Kenneth Veitch – Welfare and the Politics of Contract
  • Steven Hirschler – COMPASS Housing: The asylum experience and modes of resilience
  • John Grayson – Asylum Housing Rights in Asylum Markets – the campaign against G4S


Dinner – 7pm


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